gesture_3dcamera_large_0023D Camera Based Hand, Face and Body Tracking System Solutions

This pioneering, multi-patented vision image controlled 3D camera system is a highly precise and reliable gesture-based user interface for interacting with any display screen or projection surface. Whether on a digital sign, projected or LED display, or even a immersive dome, the ground-breaking depth tracking software enables users to control onscreen interaction with simple hand motions instead of a remote control, keyboard or touch screen.

Lifelike 3D Virtual Reality Experiences

Our 3D gesture recognition software allows people to watch their video image or full-body 3D avatar while interacting in real time with computer generated characters and objects. The system repeatedly and reliably tracks full-body movement and subtle gestures in complete 3D space. Resistant to distractions like background movement or variable lighting, the system locks onto the user and translates their unique movements into specific computer commands and events.

More Interactive Experiences Options:

Gesture Interactive Displays

Multi-Touch Displays

Tablet + Smartphone Interactive Displays