The Largest 360 Projection Dome Theaters

Immersive Experiential is the purveyor of the largest inflatable domes in the world.  Our 200′ inflatable projection dome is the largest 360 immersive projection dome and can fit over 5,000 people.

Worlds Biggest 360 Projection Dome

Inflatable Projection Dome Venues: The inflatable dome structure is available in a durable, fire-rated translucent material which allows for seamless full 360 projections to be viewed from both the inside and outside. The dome venues can immerse hundreds to thousands of people in an exciting surround media experience.

Inflatable 360 projection dome venues

Custom programming is available from our team to provide a unique branded experience for your corporate event, product launch, musical performance or gala banquet. The new 360 inflatable dome projection venue is available worldwide for special events and launches of any kind.

Inflatable Dome Specs/Options

80ft / 24m

80' Projection Dome IMRSV-X

100ft / 30m

Large Inflatable Projection Dome

120′ / 37 m

Large Inflatable Projection Dome

160′ / 48m

Large Inflatable Projection Dome

200′ / 60m

Largest Immersive Dome

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